Mixes and Shows

For upcoming shows, check out the Future Events page and please keep an eye on our Facebook page events feed. In the meantime, here are some of our past Soundcloud and Mixcloud live shows and events:

Simon’s Mixes

Simon’s Car Mix, March 2024

Check out Simon’s Soundcloud page here, and Brian’s “Deadmole3 Soundcloud page here.

Mole and Son live mixes on Mixcloud

Brian and Simon mixing up a storm of dnb, garage and house at a practise session, 17th May 2024 at Pirate Studios, Brighton
Mole and Son live DJ set, Heretics VW Porsche meet, Heretics Parts Centre, 18th April 2024
Just a practise session at Pirate Studios Brighton, 24th Feb 2024, enjoy!

Brian’s Mixes

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