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Mole and Son

Simon says…

I was brought up in a very music-absorbed household so music has been a big part of me for my whole life. Finally dad persuaded me to take a course in mixing and from there I have moved on to DJing various different genres and producing my own tunes. My main style of mixing is Drum and Bass, with a focus on a minimal and rollers sound.

However, I also enjoy mixing garage and house music. Apart from streaming the best lockdown mixes with my old man I have also played a set for open minds collective, and hopefully soon there will be more.

Brian says…

There’s nothing I like more than DJing to an appreciative audience of music lovers, and as a wedding DJ, my dream is mostly fulfilled. Personally, I am a huge fan of House, Disco, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Funk, so the opportunity to play these genres alongside “the boy” is totally brilliant fun. To say that I am a proud dad is a huge understatement. 😎

Lil’ Mole

In the club, it’s DJ Lil Mole, smashin’ the decks,
Rippin’ up the beats, leaving crowds wrecks.
With the skills so sick, it’s a lyrical flex,
Every track he drops, got the dance floor annexed.

Scratchin’, mixin’, spinnin’ with finesse,
Lil Mole’s on fire, he’s the DJ blessed.
From the underground to the mainstream quest,
His name’s on everyone’s lips, no contest.

He’s the master of rhythm, king of the sound,
Turntables ablaze, his fame’s unbound.
No limits, no borders, his fame’s around,
The world’s his playground, and he’s tightly wound.

His beats hit hard, like a thunderstorm,
Shaking the ground, making hearts warm.
A legend in the making, his artform,
DJ Lil Mole, watch him perform.

So raise your hands, and let the music take control,
As Lil Mole spins, the dancefloor’s whole.
He’s smashing it up, in every role,
The DJ king, with an unbeatable soul.

Ol’ man Mole

Laid back in the groove, it’s DJ Brian Mole,
Spinnin’ them tracks, got the whole crowd on a roll.
Wedding vibes flowin’, love up in the air,
Brian Mole on the decks, yeah, he’s the player.

Got that smooth mixin’, like gin and juice,
Got grandma two-steppin’, feelin’ so loose.
From old-school classics to the new-age beats,
Brian Mole droppin’ tunes that can’t be beat.

Got the bride and groom swayin’, hands held tight,
Underneath the stars and the soft moonlight.
Brian Mole curatin’ the perfect sound,
Got everyone dancin’, all around.

He’s the master of ceremonies, keepin’ it fly,
Transitionin’ through genres, reachin’ for the sky.
No need to worry, he’s got the flow,
DJ Brian Mole got the party in tow.

So if you’re celebratin’, with love in the air,
And you need a DJ who truly cares,
Brian Mole’s the name, bringin’ the heat,
Spinnin’ joy and happiness, to make your night complete.

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